• Urvi Sheth
    Urvi Sheth Director Workshops

    This lab allows me to foster the culture around anyone being able to build anything

  • Tanveer Khorajiya
    Tanveer Khorajiya Senior Technician

    Passionate about 3d printing and its application to make almost anything

  • Rudrapalsinh Solanki
    Rudrapalsinh Solanki Fab Academy Instructor

    As an trained architect, I love the mix of hands-on building, technology and tools the Fablab presents

  • Chaitya Shah
    Chaitya Shah Outreach Head
  • Avishek Das Student Assistant
  • Radhika Thacker
    Radhika Thacker Student Assistant

Past Teamates

  • Tapan Betai
    Tapan Betai Instructor & Technician

    Engineer = Making. It allows me to build anything I see a need for in and around me.

  • Richa Patel
    Richa Patel Student Assistant

    As a student, the Fablab has broadened my perspective, exposing me to cutting edge techniques in prototyping and developing designs

  • Kishan Parikh
    Kishan Parikh Event Coordinator
  • Vipul Arora
    Vipul Arora Technician
  • Henry Skupniewicz
    Henry Skupniewicz Founding Member
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