Our work is centred around 3 pillars. Events cover all the outreach we do to encourage the culture of making. Academics covers our effortt to expose and integrate cutting edge techniques, took and the culture of making to Learn into academics. Entrepreneurship includes the startups and makers we have worked with to mainstream the culture of making into society.

Monsoon 2015

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : Generative Design process
Faculty : Jwalant Mahadevwala

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : 2D to 3D
Faculty : Henry S (Fab Lab)

Spring 2016

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : Generative Design IV
Faculty : Jwalant Mahadevwal,Krishna Shastri, Ahmed Abbas Momin

Monsoon 2016

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Computational Design and Fabrication
Faculty : Urvi Sheth

Monsoon 2017

Department : Faculty of Technology
Course Name : Engineering workshop
Faculty : Soha Trivedi, Tushar Bose

Department : Elective course
Course Name : Computational design and digital fabrication 1
Faculty : Shehzad Irani

Monsoon 2018

Department : Faculty of Technology
Course Name : Engineering workshop
Faculty : Soha Trivedi, Tushar Bose FT, Regular

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : Build system and Construction technique
Faculty : Vishal wadhvanai,

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Construction
Faculty : Sankalpa, Krunal

Spring 2019

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Surface Active system
Faculty : Ashish Tiwari, Radhika Amin

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Surface Active System
Faculty : Ahsish, Radhika

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : Indetail - making of spatial furniture element
Faculty : Vishal wadhvani, Niyati

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Redecode (De master code)
Faculty : Deval Gandhi

Department : Faculty of Design
Course Name : Appropriate and Emerging Design Technology
Faculty : Ayaz Pathan

Department : Faculty of Architecture
Course Name : Foundation studio
Faculty : Anand Viswanathan, Vishal Mehta, Dilip Panchal and Maulik

Admission 2019

FabLab CEPT is recognized as Node fablab, and runs Fab Academy diploma course from 2014.
Fab academy 18 weeks detailed course structure can be found on course global webpage - http://fabacademy.org/about/diploma/


  • Scholarship based - 5 - Payable fees 1000 USD
  • Non Scholarship based - 1 - Payable fees 5000 USD


Fab academy admission is 3 stages process.

    STAGE 1:
  • Apply for Stage 1 here : http://bit.ly/FabAcademy2019CEPT
  • FabLab CEPT will review applications and will shortlist the candidates for stage 2
  • Applications for stage 1 will be start from 1st August, and submission deadline is 15th September, 2018
    STAGE 2:
  • Shortlisted candidate will have to submit final project proposalb> as stage 2 application form
  • FabLab CEPT will review project proposals and will shortlist for the interviews
  • Applications for stage 2 will start from 19th September, and submission deadline is 3rd October
    STAGE 3:
  • Based on final project proposals, selected candidate will be interviewed
  • Shortlisted applicants will be called for interviews.
  • Interviews will happen on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of October

Read the application forms carefully while applying. For any query write us at fablab@cept.ac.in


Full fees for Fab Academy course is 5000 USD per student. FabLab CEPT offers 5 scholarship based seats and 1 full fees seat.


Following are our selection criteria and weightage in percentage :

1. Past experience of Making. (20%)

Working with any machine OR developing a product to prototyping level.

2. Proposal for Final project. (60%)

This is an idea level proposal. Project does not have to be completely resolved and doable from the day one. However the idea has to be striking and authentic/original. One can even think of building upon any existing product/project. In this case one needs to state clearly what is the value addition to the existing version.

3. Time commitment during the course (10%)

Number of hours you can spend to work on weekly assignments. Be realistic about it based on your existing commitments and engagements. Any delay in weekly submission for whatever reason can lead you to a huge backlog towards the end of the course and hence delay your final project and graduation.

4. Future plans as maker in FabLab CEPT (10%)

Does one see long time association to FabLab CEPT to create a maker community in Ahmedabad. Your ambition to be active member of Fab Network through FabLab CEPT.


  • There are global course rules and regulation by Fab Foundation, but FabLab CEPT reserves rights to operate with local rules and regulations in order to utilize resources effectively and perform efficiently. Selected candidate will be abide by FabLab CEPT rules and regulations.
  • Final project proposal holds high weightage in the selection process at stage and scholarship offered therefore, it can not be changed anytime after joining course. Alteration and modifications will be part of design build process within the frame of core idea proposed.
  • More than 3 weeks backlog will not be allowed. In such case admission will be terminated. Students will be warned time to time by instructor at weekly backlog.
  • Local evaluation criteria set by Fab Academy will be strictly followed at FabLab CEPT. One who fails to perform up to the required standards will not be allowed to participate in global review. A committee of instructors and management will jointly made this decision.
  • Final project has to be programmed every week, progress report will be maintained by instructor.
  • In case of dropout and reappearance in next cycle evaluation, will happen through local lab only including procedure for fees payment. Amount of reappearance fees will be specified by local lab as fees structure changes time to time.

Reference Link:

Fab Academy official page: http://fabacademy.org/
FabLab CEPT 2018 lab website:http://fab.academany.org/2018/labs/fablabcept/
FabLab CEPT 2017 lab website:http://archive.fabacademy.org/2017/fablabcept/
CEPT news fab academy 2018 graduates: https://cept.ac.in/news/910/fab-academy-2018-graduates-from-fablab-cept

Fab Academy

Fab Academy Alumni


Urvi Sheth

Henry Skupniewicz

Aditi Gupta


Romil Shah

Parth Bhatt

Nitin Gupta


Rudrapalsinh Solanki

Tapan Betai

Aditya Bhatt

Vipul Arora


Avishek Das

Ashish Tiwari

Gautam Prakash

Arpi Maheshwari

Chandni Chhabra

Siddharth Arya

Viraj Gandhi


Gaurav Wadhwa

Rutuja Patel

Tanveer Khorajiya

Adhitya SS

Dhruv Saidava

Summer Winter School

Winter school 2013

Digital Crafts : Generative Design

Summer school 2014

Winter Schhol 2014

Digital Crafts

Summer school 2015

Winter school 2015

Digital Crafts Through Computation and Digital Fabrication

Summer school 2016

Digital Crafts: Customised Bricks 1.0

Winter school 2016

Digital Crafts: Customised Bricks
Rethinking Models

Summer school 2017

Architecture in Motion
Exploration in the Modular Aspects of Hyperbolic Paraboloid form

Winter school 2017

Making Architecture Form: Through Digital and Physical Prototyping
Architecture to Furniture
3D Printed Joinery for Furniture

Summer school 2018

Design Associativity: A Parametric Initiative
Parametric Surfaces – Synthesis,Planarization & Installtion of Double Curved Envelopes
Material Computation: Programmable Smart Materials

Digital Craft- Generative Design

Digital Craft- Installation

Digital Craft-Customised Bricks

Digital Craft-3D Printing Space

Architecture to Furniture

Making Architectural Form

Digital Craft- Generative Design

Digital Craft- Installation

Parametric Surfaces Installation

Parametric Surfaces Installation

Digital Craft-Customised Bricks

Digital Craft- Customis Bricks Pavillion

Fab Friday

Japanese Book Binding

Intel more than a workshop

Wood Cut Print

Introducing Electo Stuff

AR / VR Talk

Technological Advancement

Culture of making

CEPT Roots 2018

Navratri Celebrations 2017

Navratri Celebrations 2018

CEPT Roots 2018

Navratri Celebrations 2017

Navratri Celebrations 2018

Maker Fest

Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Ja- pan. It is the amalgamation of festivals celebrating the innovators and an art show with booths for inventors, demonstrations, and workshops for attendees.

Maker Fest 2015

Maker Fest 2015

Maker Fest 2016

Maker Fest 2017

Maker Fest 2017

Maker Fest 2018

Startups / Makers

We work hard to enable the next set of builders graduate to becoming entrepreneurs. After all, good ideas are born out needs and we want to enable a situation where a product meets the needs it was created for in society. With each year, we add more and more entrepreneurs to society. Here are a few samples



Hectare is trademark of Sickle Innovations Private Limited,a company started by product designers with an aim to develop technologies for farmers using international quality and manufacturing standards.
They are incubated at ZTM IARI (Indian Agricultural Re-search Institute) Pusa, Delhi and the manufacturing unit is based in Ahmedabad with R&D center in Bangalore.

CircuiTricks makes learning basics of electronics hands-on.Till now kids grew up trying to understand the basics of electronics in the laboratory.
Now, how well did you grasp the Ohm’s law when a teacher taught you in the class? Take a seat, grab the pencil; stretch out lines. Input: Any simple battery you find around. Out-put: See the brightness of LED varying! And BOOM!! If you don’t need wires anymore. Just explore the possibilities you have got.