Integrating the belief that one can build almost anything is very important for us. This we do in many ways.

  • The FabAcademy brings the latest learnings of MIT’s CAB to students who are working on their ideas, which are potential products.
  • The Summer-Winter School (SWSP) enables students of CEPT university to earn credits while learning the latest digital fabrication techniques.
  • The FabKids takes the most fundamental concept and belief that anyone can build almost anything into schools.
  • The FabPro takes things beyond the scope of SWSP into logical fruition as products meeting needs.


The Fab Academy is part of a global initiative by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Its part of a 500 lab program inculcating the belief that anyone can build almost anything.

Post 2015, the academy changed its documentation style and made class pages. See the Class Archives from

Summer-Winter School

The FabLab offers its facilities and staff to participate in the facilitation of CEPT University’s Summer and Winter School programs. Students who participate develop skills, build tangible outcomes and earn credits over 3 weeks.


As part of this program, we have engaged school students and brought in STEAM education through building almost anything.


The Fab Pro takes forward past projects from either the Fab Academy or CEPT’s Winter/Summer School Programs to their logical end. Example is the Digital Crafts: Customized Bricks 1.1 program

Students of 2017

Students of 2016

  • Tapan Betai
    Tapan Betai Instructor & Technician
  • Rudrapalsinh Solanki
    Rudrapalsinh Solanki Fab Academy Instructor
  • Vipul Arora
    Vipul Arora Technician
  • Aditya Bhatt
    Aditya Bhatt

Students of 2014-15

  • Urvi Sheth
    Urvi Sheth Director Workshops
  • Henry Skupniewicz
    Henry Skupniewicz Founding Member
  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta
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