Events cover all the outreach we do to encourage the culture of making. Academics covers our efforts to expose and integrate cutting edge techniques, tools and the culture of making to learn into academics. Ahmadabad due to our presence is turning into one of India’s top maker cities following Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Kochi.

We do events at 2 levels. At a country level, we work with the Maker Fest. At Ahmadabad, we conduct the Fab-Friday series to celebrate the local culture of making and the yearly Summer Workshops.

Current Workshops

We at FabLab are striving to create experiences of learning and fun. At FabLab CEPT, we believe that anyone can build anything. In that direction, we are offering various workshops which are all hands-on, exploring different techniques of making something and expressing yourself.

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Fab Friday: Drawing Conversation

Friday 17 November 2017, 5.00pm
Venue: FabLab at CEPT New Workshop

Types of Events

Past Events



Japanese Book binding

Japanese Book Binding

VR Building

GGIS Interactive Installation

FabFriday 2016

Fab11 Presentation

Embroidery 2016


Elastic to Fantastic
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