We work hard to enable the next set of builders graduate to becoming entrepreneurs. After all, good ideas are born out needs and we want to enable a situation where a product meets the needs it was created for in society.
With each year, we add more and more entrepreneurs to society. Here are a few samples.


Hectare is trademark of Sickle Innovations Private Limited, a company started by product designers with an aim to develop technologies for farmers using international quality and manufacturing standards.
They are incubated at ZTM IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) Pusa, Delhi and the manufacturing unit is based in Ahmedabad with R&D center in Bangalore.


CircuiTricks makes learning basics of electronics hands-on. Till now kids grew up trying to understand the basics of electronics in the laboratory.
Now, how well did you grasp the Ohm’s law when a teacher taught you in the class? Take a seat, grab the pencil; stretch out lines. Input: Any simple battery you find around. Output: See the brightness of LED varying!
And BOOM!! If you don’t need wires anymore. Just explore the possibilities you have got.